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Sarrade and the Groupe Coopératif Maïsadour thank you for your interest in our professions.

Do you share the same values as Sarrade? Are you passionate about food and want to join a team dedicated to the sale and production of raw products for cooking professionals? See all of Sarrade's openings in the recruitment area of the Groupe Coopératif Maïsadour website and join us.

Although the Groupe Coopératif Maïsadour's core business is located in the South-West of France, its international development (in Europe and countries in the Mediterranean basin) means it needs to reinforce its skills in its main production units. Social management is focused on integrating young graduates, from all levels, who above all show a strong interest in learning and investing themselves in a profession, an industry. The group's significant size and its skills in agricultural production, industrial processing and the sale of terroir products means that all employees can evolve, progress and express their talents. By dedicating 2.5% of the payroll to training its employees, the Groupe Coopératif Maïsadour demonstrates its keen desire for all employees to progress at their own pace.

Today, more than 6,000 men and women work in our group. And you have the chance to join them.

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