Salamanca 250g

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An invitation to travel for all the senses

Need inspiration for your aperitifs, starters and buffets? Take your customers on a sensory journey with the warm and spicy flavors of our SALAMANCA.

Sarrade Salamanca 250g (50 slices)
Sarrade Salamanca 250g (50 slices)


Produced from lean pork shoulder, the Salamanca is a refined product containing Madeira red wine, mild pepper and Capsicum Annuum for an intense and delicately spicy flavor.

Matured for a minimum 6 months on the foothills of the Pyrenees, the meat is sourced from France to ensure maximum traceability.

The ideal 250g format contains 50 slices to save you time during preparation and dressing. The regular 5g slices allow you to perfectly control your portions.

Wait no longer, try the Sarrade Salamanca, a unique, high-quality product, combining practicality and spice and guaranteed to delight everyone's taste buds. 


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